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A Stress-Free Experience

Your pet’s happiness and comfort is our number one priority. During grooming service, we learn what they like and dislike and always treat them with kindness and patience and we never charge extra for snuggles - it’s included. Our Groomer is a master groomer of 26 years.



Plenty of Love and Attention

Daycare is one of the most funnest services we offer. Especially for repeat clients. We pride ourselves on our professional yet fun approach, and do everything necessary to ensure your pets are safe, secure and happy. Daycare is a Service where pet parents can leave there fur babies for the day to play with other dogs and the animal caretaker. The fur babies that come to daycare are not in a kennel/run all day. They get indoor play and outdoor play time with other fur friends. The dogs do go through socialization testing before they are let loose with other dogs. This socialization testing it’s done with an animal caretaker before they are past on behavior and can be loose with the other dogs in daycare.


Dog Boarding

Plenty of Love and Attention

Boarding at Happy Wags.
Hi I am Waylon a 3 year old Boxer. I love coming to board at Happy Wags. I am a regular here at Happy Wags. I have so many fur friends here that I play with when I come to board. I love it when my mom brings me I get so Excited when she picks up my leash and puts me in the car I know exactly where I'm going, to Happy Wags. When I am boarding I get to play with my fur friends every 2 hours Monday - Friday and on the weekends I get 2 play times and 3 potty breaks. My mom brings my own food but they can offer their Happy Wags house diet if needed. I am always monitored in the play yard and Never left unattended. I am always kept in a climate control kennel. If any of my fur friends need medications that is not a problem Happy Wags staff is trained in given medications to my fur friends. Did I mention Happy Wags strives to keep all of us fur babies in a fear free environment. That is one of my favorite reasons I like to come to Happy Wags for my boarding vacation, why my humans are on vacation. I will see y'all fur friends at Happy Wags soon! Waylon


Passionate About Your Pets

Anna was raised in Lavonia Georgia. Anna grew up always having animals around her. Dogs, cats, goats cows and even horses. One thing Anna always had was mans best friend A dog.  When Anna was 14 She started working In a kennel tech. Anna has been working in animal hospitals ever since 14 years old. She started as a animal caretaker and worked her way up to an emergency vet assistant and did a apprenticeship to become a pet groomer in 2012. Anna loves animals so very much and She has a passion to take care of your beautiful fur babies why you are away and can’t do so. Anna started Happy Wags Bone-afide Boarding & Grooming Facility in 2021 to provide an incredible experience for animals why there owners are a way and can’t care for there pets. Happy Wags is here to care, Love, snuggle, play and keep your pet safe & healthy why owners are away. 

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Care for Your Furry Friends

At Happy Wags  Bone-afide Boarding & grooming Facility, We do more than provide pet care - we care about your pet's just like they are our own pet's. Not only are we animal lovers, but we also have the experience to provide the highest quality of services to your pet's.
We are not just here to care for your pet. we are here to listen to your pets needs.
Maybe your pet needs a few more minutes outside, and extra treat or two, or cuddles on the couch, or even a game of ball in the play yard. We are hear to give your pet all the extra things they might needed to make them comfortable during their stay here at Happy Wags.

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Boarding is $25 a night for the first fur baby the second fur baby from the same house in the same kennel that does not need to be separated to eat is $19 a night.

How to book your fur babies next vacation at Happy Wags. You go to make a account with your info and your pets info, from there you will choose Happy Wags in Bowersville GA as your business of choice. Then you can make a boarding reservation.
What is required to board at Happy Wags you ask. 
vaccines required for board are Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella and Lepto vaccines. Happy Wags will not board any fur baby that is not up to date on all 4 of these vaccines.


Pet Boarding Overnight

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Grooming Price List

Bath & Blowout Coated hair coats

1-20lbs $25

21-30lbs $35

31-50lbs $49

51-70lbs $69

Over over 71lbs $89

Bath & Blowout for slick coated hair coats 

1-20lbs $20

21-30lbs $25

31-50lbs $35

51-70lbs $45

Over 71lbs $89

Add on services

Face Trim up, potty path, paw pads $15
Nail Trim $17
Express Anal Glands $15
Ear Plucking $8
Nail Dremel $27
Nail Dremel with full grooming $15
Fee for matted hair coat -Minimum charge of $33

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Full Grooming

1lbs -10lbs $43

11-20lbs $49

21-30lbs $53

31-40lbs $63

41-60lbs $73

61-80lbs $83

81lbs-100lbs $103

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​Recommendations from Happy Wags This is the link to the slicker brush we use here at Happy Wags This is the link to the metal grooming combs we use here at Happy Wags This is the link to the shampoo products that we use at Happy Wags This is the Link to to the leave in conditioner we use at Happy Wags. This is the link to the k9 probiotic we use at Happy Wags. This is the K9  toothpaste we recommend. But any K9 toothpaste will work. P.S. never use human toothpaste on dogs fluoride is harmful for dogs.

Dog trainers we recommend. K9 Justice in Toccoa GA 

​Beaver Dam Creek Kennel in Cannon GA 

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Doggy Day care


Doggy Day Care

Doggy Day care at Happy Wags is a fun and safe place for your fur babies to come and play with other fur babies during the day why your working or on a day trip. The fur babies that come play at Happy Wags. Get to play during the day outside and inside with other pets. How to book. Go to and make a account with your info and your pets info and then choose Happy Wags in Bowersville GA as your business of choice, from there you can make a doggy daycare reservation.

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Get in touch to find out more about our services or to schedule a tour.

8668 GA-17
Bowersville, Hart County 30516


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Opening Hours

Come Play & Stay

Monday - Friday Grooming Drop off.

8:00am -8:30am (Grooming is by appointment only)

Grooming pick up is 4pm.

Monday - Friday Boarding check in is 11 AM if you need to check in sooner Please call first to make sure your fur babies kennel is open and ready for them to come in. 

Boarding check out Monday -Friday check out is before 10:30 AM if you need your pet to stay longer than 10:30 am that is fine as long as you booked the longer stay at check in or you called and ask if we have room to keep you fur baby for the longer time. Check out after 10:30 AM will be charged for that day of boarding.

Saturday - Sunday  Boarding check in & check out  8:00 AM  to 8:30 AM

  3:30 PM - 4:30 PM Please  be sure to book your correct Check in and check out times on the weekends. Fur babies that check out during the afternoon check out time on the weekends will be charged for that day of boarding. 

holidays May change the check in and check out times. Please be sure if you are boarding on a holiday you check your check in and check out times and dates with the staff at time of booking your reservation and at check in.

$50 charge for emergency check-in and check-out  outside of normal check-in and check-out times.

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